Reminders of what matters

Like many of us, my mind has been reeling since the election.  I won’t go into it all here, but suffice it to say that a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions have been racing through me – sadness and concern being chief among them.

I have always carried a grave concern about the future of our planet, and there is no question that my concern has been magnified considerably.  But, as the days press on, I know that the sun continues to rise, and that nature persists.  Even if it changes radically (which it ultimately will over hundreds, thousands, and millions of years), it will likely still exist in some manner.  The fact of the matter is, nothing stays the same.  And even when things appear completely decimated, something finds a ways to grow.

I can’t help but think about areas that are ravaged by wildfire.  Everything seems lost, but it is amazing how quickly things start to regenerate.  Seeds that have been hiding in the ground waiting for their chance to grow, begin to sprout.  As devastating as the destruction seems, life finds a way to return.

Spending time in nature is definitely my go-to for self care and healing, and it has certainly helped me through the last few days.  I watch as animals continue their routines, unaware of politics, but fully in tune with their surroundings.  I have to admit, I envy them.  But I am also grateful for the reminders they give me: to connect with what matters most to me, to be present in this moment, to remember that nothing stays the same, and to know that even when destruction lies in front of us, all is not lost.




I came across this peace sign while hiking in California.  A simple and wonderful message.


6 thoughts on “Reminders of what matters

  1. So very thoughtful and beautifully expressed and so very grounding in this tumultuous sea of emotions we are experiencing on various levels of our consciousness. Thank you for reminding us to be present on the now rather than fear-filled about the future.

  2. ‘…to be present in this moment, to remember that nothing stays the same, and to know that even when destruction lies in front of us, all is not lost.’ So true! Great post, fantastic photos.

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