Savoring Summer

It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting out on the deck under the stars, clinging to the final remnants of the weekend. Likewise, my weekend was spent fervently trying to savor the last few days and weeks of summer.  Oh, how I wish it didn’t have to end! That goes for both the weekend and the summer.

But even though I have to go back to work tomorrow, tomatoes are still ripening on the vine, and the garden is bursting with color.  Sweet corn is still piled high on the farm stands, and the sunflowers are tilting their cheerful faces toward the golden late summer sun.

My weekend was the epitome of Summertime, the very apex of this blissful and abundant season.  To kick things off, I took Friday afternoon off and drove the scenic Mohawk Trail to Mt. Greylock, the tallest mountain in Massachusetts.


View from Mt. Greylock

Driving on the Mohawk Trail gives a person the chance to observe classic New England at its finest.  The road is adorned with old farmhouses and fields ripe with corn, small cemeteries with weathered stones, motels and souvenir shops seemingly untouched by the advances of the last 50 years, and the gleam of the Deerfield River as it winds through the rolling hill towns.

I had never been to Mt. Greylock before.  I have no good excuse for this, and now that I’ve been there,  I can hardly wait to go back.  Although I didn’t have time to do extensive exploring, my friend Allison and I met at the summit for a picnic dinner and hiked to Money Brook Falls.


Money Brook Falls

It was pitch dark by the time I got home, and the stars had come alive in the night sky. The Milky Way stretched directly overhead, and I laid out in the yard star gazing, for the sheer fact that I couldn’t tear myself away from something so beautiful.

As for the rest of my weekend, it was filled with evening swims, a paddle on Laurel Lake, a small town country fair, watermelon and ice cream, naps in the hammock, going to the drive-in, and listening to the sounds of the crickets and coyotes under the stars.

Summer is not over yet, my friends.  So let’s be sure to savor it while we can!

4 thoughts on “Savoring Summer

  1. Is it okay for me to be envious of your absolutely wonderful weekend and the fact you made it happen. Oh yes mother nature played her part, but then you are so in sync with her that she knew just what you needed and wanted, and she did her own “mothering”.

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