Maritime Adventure Part 1

A Broad Abroad

I can hardly believe that I woke up at my campsite in Maine at 4:00 AM (after a few very broken hours of sleep), climbed a mountain to watch the sunrise, and now several hours later, I am sitting on the beach along the Bay of Fundy in Canada. I’m camping here for 2 nights, and then will continue on to Prince Edward Island.

The scenery has been just stunning – rocky coastlines, deep blue windswept waters, and trees echoing across the rolling hills as far as the eye can see.  Despite all the breathtaking scenery, my favorite sight so far has been the Queen Anne’s lace and golden rod that line the roadways.   I just love seeing mile after mile of those delicate white umbrells and cheerful yellow fronds waving at me as I roll by.

I find myself wondering what I would like to get out of this trip, and 3 things comes to mind: 1) Relaxing in a place I’ve never been before, 2) Challenging myself to do something that’s a bit out of my comfort zone given my recent and ongoing health concerns, and 3) Being outside as much as possible.  So far, so good!


Morning on Penobscott Bay, Maine


Bay of Fundy at New River Beach


My campsite at New River Beach.  There were lots of wild blueberries to munch on right there!  I also was visited by a rabbit, who had a snack right outside my tent (without realizing I was inside).

Arriving in Prince Edward Island

I decided to leave New Brunswick a day early and head straight to PEI.  Good choice, I think!

I set up camp in Cabot Beach Provincial Park, under a small cluster of trees that sit on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean.  It is extremely windy and otherworldly beautiful!

After setting up, I took a walk through the meadow that sweeps across the bluff.  I can’t remember anything ever seeming so peaceful.  There wasn’t a soul in sight, only a sea of wildflowers dancing wildly in the wind. I walked for a couple of hours, through the meadows and  under the red sandstone cliffs  that hug the shore.  If I ever had any doubts about taking this trip, they are officially gone!


Looking out at Malpeque Bay at Cabot Beach Provincial Park


A field of Queen Anne’s lace dancing in the wind


A picturesque PEI lighthouse

Paddling Adventure and Beach Day

I’m having a beach day today (my 2nd so far since I’ve arrived). The sand here is dusty red and so fine that it feels baby soft.  It’s so damn good to just relax and do nothing.  I’ve been alternating between reading Anne of Green Gables (famously set in PEI) and Woodswoman (the autobiography of a woman who built her own cabin in the remote wilderness of the Adirondacks).  I have no phone (except very, very limited usage on a simple loaner phone), no computer, no one but myself. Life is good!

There have been high winds since my arrival with the exception of yesterday, which I eagerly took advantage of to set out on my paddle board.

Being alone out on the water,  I was cautious about not going further than I was able, and I also kept a keen eye on the sky for any changes in the weather (I also told someone at the park when I planned to be back, and packed my phone in my dry bag in case of an emergency.)

I guess I did get a little carried away out there.  It’s just so tempting to try to reach the next point or to see what’s on that island up ahead.  I didn’t run into any trouble (although I hit some stiff wind in spots), but after 5 hours of paddling, I was pretty tired. It was well worth it though!

Tomorrow I will move on to Prince Edward National Park, but not before another sunset walk through the meadows here at Cabot Beach.  It has become a nightly habit during my brief stay here, setting out at about 8:00, and watching the heavens blaze as they tuck the sun in beneath the blanket of the horizon.  It’s just then that fields of Queen Anne’s lace take on a golden-rosy glow and not a sound can be heard except the wind and the water whispering a hushed lullaby to the quilted hills.  Then, it won’t be long until the stars emerge to keep vigil over this lovely and gentle land.


Heading out for a 5 hour paddle


Sunset at Cabot Beach


Sunset at Cabot Beach



Moon and stars at Cabot Beach



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